Zoro's Way of Combatting Crime

Time: 17 min

Zorro is chasing after a Mexican terrorist in the woods. When he manages to catch him, the poor bastard is scared as a turkey in November and he starts begging Zorro for his life. The masked hero is holding his sword and he is ready to take the law into his own hands. But when the Mexican criminal says he will do anything, Zorro, who is in an accommodating mood, unsheathes his second weapon, his dick. Although reluctant at first, the criminal takes it entirely in his hungry mouth and starts swallowing every inch of the hot justicer's uncut cock. Working his mouth up and down on Zoro's shaft, the subdued terrorist blows his new master as if his life depended on it. Well, it kind of does depend on it but he puts so much heart in this blowjob that he somehow seems to enjoy the'deal' that Zoro is offering him. After a while, the hot stud decides to plunge his meaty sword in his prisoner's asshole. Without any clothes on except for his cape and mask, Zoro relentlessly pounds the terrorist harder and harder, thrusting his throbbing blade deep inside him the runaway's hole. Finally, for the last part of his punishment, he orders him to lie down on the ground so he could unleash his creamy load all over his victim's neck and face. But will this punishment deter the terrorist or, quite to the contrary, prompt him to break the law again, in order to get caught by the hot masked hero...? A very hot scene with a real scenario, by Menoboy Studios.

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